IT Attractor

We love software development, we love building information systems, and we love solving problems. We do it great and with a great pleasure.


We help individual software developers to gain mastership in modern software development methods:

For software development customers we provide:

  • information system life cycle consuting from idea to return on investment;
  • assistance in evaluation and selection of software contractor;
  • assistance in setting up acceptance procedures and proper hand-off by a contractor;
  • help in maintaining software smooth operation within business processes.

Here is what we can offer to software development companies and teams:

  • hire more talented people;
  • setup a literate modern software development process with controllable quality;
  • implementation of agile methodologies (SCRUM, XP) and continuous delivery;
  • lower the cost of regression testing and bugfixing;
  • adopt modern software development tools;
  • assistance in transition to a new platform or to a new architecture.

Here are a few of our consulting projects:

  • provided training for IT personnel to learn software tools used in Single Window System (MS Dynamics CRM, Digital Signatures, XSLT, etc);
  • trained IT personnel to use software development tools (issue tracking, subversion and MS Visual Studio, etc.);
  • created an automated Single Window backup and restore script and manual instructions.

Customer: State Enterprise "Foreign Trade Single Window"

Sponsor: GIZ

  • introduction to SOLID principles, automated acceptance testing, refactoring and clean coding;
  • practical TDD course based on real tasks from company's projects;
  • training on using Gherkin language for automated acceptance tests (for Java and php).

Customer : State Enterprise "Infosystema"

Sponsor: Asian Development Bank

  • consulting on communication and trust-based relationship with remote software team;
  • setting up acceptance procedures;
  • introduction of agile methodologies for in-house software development.

Education and public activities

We know that college and university degree is not enough for successful commercial software development. We know that the market is short of programmers, testers and software managers. And we are actively participating in training a new generation of software professionals.

Education Software Development Process

We take students and university graduates, We organize them into teams, we give them projects and we show them the right way to complete these projects. We run them though a practical course of modern software development. We train them to be professional, and we show them what modern software development really is.

ESDP results so far: 26 trainees, 4 runs, 6 teams

This was the only training course that would last me more than a month, because it is the only course that outperformed any time spend in self-education.

Furhat Rasymov, ESDP-13A.

ESDP has completely changed my understand of how the real information systems are built.

Andrei Romashin, ESDP-13A.

Success story published on the Soros Foundation Kyrgyzstan's website

Public lectures and conference speeches

For many years IT Attractor is advertising agile software development methodologies, we lecture on building iterative development processes, team building and customer relationships. We speak at conferences and give lectures in universities on order to show the novice software engineers what's modern software development is like and what a developer should know to be professional.

Speach and reports of the IT Attractor's trainees

Software Development

We like software development and we cannot stay away from it.

We develop software using popular modern programming languages and for all commonly used platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Android, iOS). We develop web applications, mobile application, desktop systems, automated workstations, embedded systems. We don't mind any software development as long as our products users are happy with our products, customers are happy with their business tools and keep our heads busy solving curious problems.

We have to see our client happy. This is why we plan deployment from the day 1 of the project. We plan projects to maximize value for the money.

We develop software not only to get the customer problem solved, but to gain experience as well. That is why we are using state of the are tools and methodologies. We test new tools and assess them. And we are sharing happily our experience with colleagues.

What we use to develop software

Android JavaScript SIP WebRTC behat cucumber Django Intelij IDEA fabric gherkiniOS java nodejs maven lettuce objective-c php PhpStorm python PyCharm ruby ruby on rails RubyMine frank spring symphony WebStorm

Some of our projects

Order food online.

Platform and tools: php, Symfony2, LAMP + SMS-printers

Scheduling and booking service for private companies in Bishkek.

Platform: Python 2, Django

Tablet-optimized web interface. Patient database, accounting and treatment history.

Platform: Python, Django, Twitter Bootstrap 2.

About IT Attractor

IT Attractor mission is the development of IT market in Kyrgyz Republic and Central Asia. Our primary target is to supply market with quality workers and expertise.

Based on the mission stated above IT Attractor offers the following services:

  • Consulting in software development and information system design, including training of software development personnel.
  • Education and social project to advertise modern software development methodologies and best practices.
  • Custom software development.

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Career opportunities in IT Attractor

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IT Attractor Co-Founders

Vadim Glebov

Software Developer since 1994, Software Development Manager since 2006, awarded an appreciation prize for participation in development of Kyrgyz IT market (Bishkek KIT forum, 2011)

+996 772 67 25 97

Maksim Kosyakov

Software Developer since 1994, Software Development Manager and Entrepreneur since 2004.